Oddly, a good writers’ group is harder to find here in Los Angeles than it was when I lived in Colorado. Or maybe I just got really lucky when I lived there.

Certainly, there’s no shortage of writers in California. That’s not the problem.

The problem is, either the groups are hell-and-gone from where I’m living (the South Bay), or they want money from me.

Rather a lot of money, sometimes.

I don’t happen to have much money at the moment. Certainly not enough to pay hundreds of dollars to get together with other struggling writers and work, drink coffee, and bounce ideas off each other.

I can afford the coffee. Barely. But I can’t afford to spend $300 for an 8-week writing group that’s more of a class.

When I was living in Colorado, I went to a site called MeetUp, where one can find like-minded individuals for get-togethers. I found a group of writers that met for a few hours once a week at a congenial coffee shop for writing and occasional conversation.

It was nice. I miss them.

They have MeetUp groups in Los Angeles, too, but they all seem to want money from me. Or, as noted, they are too far away for regular meetings.

I’ve found one promising-looking group that meets in Torrance, which is not too far away. The trouble is, it requires me to drive somewhere on a Saturday afternoon.

Which means I would have to find parking when I get home.

That’s a problem when it’s a summer weekend and you live in a beach community. Most weekends, my car doesn’t move. If I need to go somewhere, I walk.

And so I continue to look.

Any suggestions?