About Kimberly

Who I am isn’t terribly important, if you ask me. My words are what matter. Well, they matter to me, at least, and I hope they will matter to others. But if you must know more about me, beyond what’s revealed in my blog posts and my stories, here are some crumbs:

  • I’m a writer. I have a lot of stuff published, and in a sense I’ve always earned my living from words, but I haven’t published any fiction yet. I am hoping to change this soon.
  • I used to be a lawyer, but I’m getting better.
  • I studied psychology for a while in grad school, but grew to hate my thesis subject before I finished the thesis. Normally, this wouldn’t stop me, but I’d also concluded that I didn’t really want to be a psychologist, so my motivation for finishing the thesis – and thus my degree – kind of evaporated. If only the student loans would do the same.
  • For several years now, I’ve maintained a blog under a separate identity. It’s political. Very, very political. It’s a good thing I’ve got a fondness for pseudonyms.
  • Speaking of pseudonyms, yes, “Kimberly McCune” is one. Sort of. My first name really is Kimberly. I will answer to Kim. Call me Kimmy and you die.
  • My last name is, well, unusual, and I prefer to spare my family the embarrassment of being associated with my writing, since they won’t like a lot of what I have to say. Not at all.
  • Speaking of my family, well, I love them, and they love me. Beyond that, though, there’s not much that we agree on. I take a certain perverse delight in this.
  • At the moment, I live at the Beach. There are worse places to be underemployed.

I’ll maybe think of some more stuff later. Right now, I have to play with blog configuration settings for a while, and try out different WordPress themes.



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